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Completed 10 Years With Google AdSense Program

Hey everybody, this is the AdSense earning proof of Rs 60,459.47 in one month. This is the AdSense earning of India's top most blogger named Amit Agrawal. This Adsense success story could be yours and you can bang big bucks online and make a successful living and build your own adsense success story. To get accepted in Adsense and start making your own Adsense success story all you need is a Google Adsense account which is almost free. I would also love to share the list of things one needs to make AdSense success story.

Hello, thank you for this article. I equally started blogging without knowing what blog monetization is all about. The first method i tried was with Google adsense. However,it has not been the best. One of the main way i make money on my blog is by selling my bulk sms services. Today, i am looking forward to creating my own company in my country thanks to all the skills and opportunities i have had through blogging.

It contradicts the way the Net is supposed to work. Yes, yes, I know some people blog in a heartfelt manner about cabinetry and run cabinetry ads, and visitors click them to buy cabinets and the site owner makes money. But most AdSense strategies are all about gaming the system. When I was creating insurance niche sites, I couldn't have cared less about insurance. I was simply trying to draw traffic away from the legit insurance sites so that people would click on my ads instead of finding an insurance company a different way. That's not the way that the Web is supposed to work which is to efficiently connect the searcher and what she's searching for.success with google adsense

If you are excited reading my success story with Google AdSense and want to quit your primary job to try your luck with blogging, think twice or even thrice. AdSense and blogging are no longer easy platforms to make money. There is very tough competition in the blogging field and AdSense revenue has gone down significantly for almost all professional and casual bloggers in the last few years. There are much more failure stories than success stories, even though you will find only success stories to read on the web.

The searcher clicks on one of the relevant results and visits a webpage that explains how to fix a computer. That webpage has AdSense advertisements around the main content. Those advertisements are for PC software that promises to fix, clean, and speed up a PC. The searcher reads the content then decides to click on one of the advertisements Google has chosen to display.

You have shared a great post. It's a must read for every blogger who aims to earn from blogging and it's a great guide for newbie bloggers. Here, I am sharing my experience, AdSense has always been a secondary source of income for me. My best bet has been local affiliate marketing Lazada and it still constitutes the major share of my blogging income.

In the beginning, you may have to give away ad spots for nothing or next to nothing. So, offer a promotion to get advertisers in the door. If you've done your research and you deliver high-quality traffic, those advertisers will be much more willing to pay when the promotion runs out. Remember to track outbound traffic on these links because it contains valuable information that you can use when you contact your next advertiser.


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