Completed 10 Years With Google AdSense Program

Hey everybody, this is the AdSense earning proof of Rs 60,459.47 in one month. This is the AdSense earning of India's top most blogger named Amit Agrawal. This Adsense success story could be yours and you can bang big bucks online and make a successful living and build your own adsense success story. To get accepted in Adsense and start making your own Adsense success story all you need is a Google Adsense account which is almost free. I would also love to share the list of things one needs to make AdSense success story.

Hello, thank you for this article. I equally started blogging without knowing what blog monetization is all about. The first method i tried was with Google adsense. However,it has not been the best. One of the main way i make money on my blog is by selling my bulk sms services. Today, i am looking forward to creating my own company in my country thanks to all the skills and opportunities i have had through blogging.

It contradicts the way the Net is supposed to work. Yes, yes, I know some people blog in a heartfelt manner about cabinetry and run cabinetry ads, and visitors click them to buy cabinets and the site owner makes money. But most AdSense strategies are all about gaming the system. When I was creating insurance niche sites, I couldn't have cared less about insurance. I was simply trying to draw traffic away from the legit insurance sites so that people would click on my ads instead of finding an insurance company a different way. That's not the way that the Web is supposed to work which is to efficiently connect the searcher and what she's searching for.success with google adsense

If you are excited reading my success story with Google AdSense and want to quit your primary job to try your luck with blogging, think twice or even thrice. AdSense and blogging are no longer easy platforms to make money. There is very tough competition in the blogging field and AdSense revenue has gone down significantly for almost all professional and casual bloggers in the last few years. There are much more failure stories than success stories, even though you will find only success stories to read on the web.

The searcher clicks on one of the relevant results and visits a webpage that explains how to fix a computer. That webpage has AdSense advertisements around the main content. Those advertisements are for PC software that promises to fix, clean, and speed up a PC. The searcher reads the content then decides to click on one of the advertisements Google has chosen to display.

You have shared a great post. It's a must read for every blogger who aims to earn from blogging and it's a great guide for newbie bloggers. Here, I am sharing my experience, AdSense has always been a secondary source of income for me. My best bet has been local affiliate marketing Lazada and it still constitutes the major share of my blogging income.

In the beginning, you may have to give away ad spots for nothing or next to nothing. So, offer a promotion to get advertisers in the door. If you've done your research and you deliver high-quality traffic, those advertisers will be much more willing to pay when the promotion runs out. Remember to track outbound traffic on these links because it contains valuable information that you can use when you contact your next advertiser.

Merchant Share Archives

This is not a HYIP, its a company and I have invested since last 300 days. They are always instant funding Sign Up for Earn from MerchantShare and withdraw but some time it shows pending and withdraw takes to process in next 24 hours.

Simply enter your Merchant Shares HYIP calculator investment, the start date, interest rate, type of interest, term, reinvestment amount... and you can quickly calculate a schedule of the potential growth of 0.25% for 30 days program. In addition, you will see a detailed analysis showing a projected investment break even point, a projected reinvestment and withdrawal amounts and statistics.
Just check this Calculated Profit for $100 Investment.

The other aspect of Merchant Shares I have been fortunate is referrals. I have 40+ referrals and almost half of them have invested. That is what gives me my referral commissions. All of my referral commissions I invest into Merchant Shares. It takes about 150 days for an investment to cycle so in the 150 days my $256 becomes $384 and reinvesting that I have $576 in less than a year. I call that Free Money. And. By the end of the second year it would be close to $2,000.

To sum up Merchant Shares review above it is two thumbs up if you're not in a hurry making money. This is good choice for a long term investment program. It is better than putting your money in savings bank account. You can still use the power of compounding wherein you can leverage your own investment portfolio in the next 4 to 5 months and get a total profit of 150%.

The first thing you must do is sign up with Merchant Shares, you can join for free. Then you make a minimum deposit of $20 into any one for the 4 assets that are offered. Your deposit is considered active until it reaches 150% of your deposit. There is no time frame as to how long it will take to reach the 150% threshold. For example if you deposit $100 into any of the assets they offer it stays active until it reaches $150.00. Then you can withdraw or reinvest any or all of your money.

“Now, Work Your Plan”

Early in my career, I was told, “Most people have a business plan, but the problem is they don’t work their plan.” The same may be said of New Year resolutions. How many promises did you make to yourself and on how many of them will you follow through?

One major problem is sometimes too many goals are set. Another issue may be the one goal is so dramatic it would consume all of your time to achieve. In fact, it may be so huge, it becomes overwhelming. At this stage, not only will you not work on this idea, but the state of overwhelm will prevent you from achieving your other simpler goals.

For example, if you wanted to get known nationwide this year, you would have to undertake major public relations strides to accomplish this. It would entail speaking everywhere you could, demonstrating your expertise, contacting as much of the media as possible and the continuation of being seen and heard in every manner known to mankind.

At the same time, you still have all of the other avenues of your business to contend with as the CEO of your own company. How do you combat this dilemma?

In my mind, I equated a large year-long project with a one-a-day vitamin. My suggestion is to break down the public relations strategies into do-able tasks. First, outline absolutely everything you can think of that will need to be tried and completed for you to feel 100% successful. Then prioritize the steps in order of what will take the longest to complete.

Begin with the most difficult and time-consuming tasks first. The reasoning here is two-fold. First, you have the most excitement the beginning of the year, as in, “I’m really going to do it this time!” So it will be easier to tackle the difficult assignment now. Second, if you begin a long project at the end of the year, you may not complete it on time and you will feel you have let yourself down.

Now that you know which task to begin, complete at minimum, one step of it each day dependent upon how much time you can devote to the project. This is where I liken the process to the one-a-day vitamin.

One task a day devoted to your highest priority will give you renewed energy to keep on going! You will feel excitement coming your way and the adrenalin will be flowing. Your project will become easier and more joyful each day as you complete a task.

As you become accustomed to the daily routine of working on your big project, it will be easier to squeeze in a couple of the smaller tasks too. Within several months, you begin to feel as if you are making strides in getting known and the other areas of your business are growing too. In fact, as all areas of your business build together, new business will come your way with far less effort.

When you work strategically, the worry diminishes and the smiles return to your face. At the same time, be certain to help those who need your area of expertise or who want to follow in your footsteps. Your new demeanor will attract new clients as you are happy, confident and apparently successful. You will also build repeat business, referrals and testimonials – all essential ingredients for success.

Every few months you will be able to see and measure you progress. Mid-year, you should be feeling fairly popular. By the end of the year, you will have succeeded and be known nationwide!

Additional ideas to build business:

– The end of each week review each day’s accomplishment

– On Friday devise a plan for the daily tasks for the following week

– As the difficult tasks complete, incorporate the simpler ones

– Increase your dosage of vitamins or daily tasks as the routine simplifies

– Share your good news of accomplishments

– Vow to keep taking your business vitamins year after year

The end result of paying excellent attention to your plan is it will succeed, and Your Profits Will Soar!

It's 6 in the morning. The alarm clock is buzzing, and you're thinking to yourself, "What's the point in getting up this early for work?" For some of us, the motivation is simply the Key to shut off the clock that is vibrating off the nightstand. But for others, it is truly self-motivation. It is an internal alarm clock that motivates a person to make the best of his or her day.
Certainly, everyone wants to succeed in the world. Everyone wants to have a purpose, to be at the top of the corporate ladder, or to be the best he or she can be in any given area. But why do some people succeed in doing these things, and others do not? The answer is: self-motivation.
There are several factors that contribute to self-motivation. They include:
-Desire to succeed
-Will power
-Mental stability
-Life goals
-Daily activities
-Daily pleasures
All of these factors will directly affect success in a career, in academics, in playing sports, and in marriage and parenting. Whether you desire the highest position possible at your job, or graduating with a 4.0 grade point average, you need self-motivation to do it. Self-motivation drives an athlete to score the winning soccer goal, just as it drives a parent to be a good role model for a child.
Along with the Key to succeed comes mental stability. Everyone has a bad day here and there; but what self-motivates a person to continue on with the bad day? The answer is mental stability. The mind is a great force. When you put your mind to accomplishing something, you will try your best to do it. As a result, your will power is tested. Being able to stay self-motivated and focused on what is important rather than "throwing in the towel" allows you to succeed in the end. Will power, mental stability, and the Key to succeed are all the result of self-motivation.
Another factor that drives self-motivation is the family unit. Family can self-motivate an individual to be successful. An individual – especially a working spouse – will crave the family's pride and approval. The working spouse self-motivates himself or herself simply by worrying whether or not the family is taken care of financially. The working spouse will most likely want to earn a high paycheck, and in the end provide for the family. Children often idolize their parents and will mimic what they see their parents doing. In the end self-motivation is passed on from one generation to the next, as it is an important role in family affairs.
Lastly, self-motivation is driven by daily goals and basic daily routines such as losing weight or learning how to play a sport. The simple daily pleasure of waking up to see the sun shine, to hear the birds singing, or even listening to the rain are all pleasures which can self-motivate a person to get up in the morning.

Have you observed this in yourself? How about in others? I know I have seen it in myself… Sometimes you can get in the way of your own success, blocking the flow. So, have you decided to be a success yet?
Part of the trouble is that you race after success not really stopping to decide what success is for you.  The result is that you rarely are successful because…. well, you are trying to live someone else's idea of success.
Instead of figuring out what your success looks like, you twist yourself into something trying to align to their vision. Doing so takes tons of energy and effort. The results are always disappointing.
Social pressure pulls you off course. It distracts you from your own inner guidance.

Success <> Accomplishment

I worked for a very large organization once. After my first performance review, I became painfully aware that the working definition of success there was: the longer hours you work, the more successful you will be.
My boss explained to me that someone else had gotten an excellent review and salary increase to go with it because they consistently worked 20 hrs. overtime a week.  While I headed a multi- million-dollar project and got a large group of company VIPs to agree on how to proceed with the project!
Yes, I worked extremely long hours. But it was to accomplish my goal of creating something new, better for the company. Not because it'd be approved of by my hierarchy. I thought there was value in my effort to accomplish the goal. It didn't happen. Instead I was relegated to second class, exhausted and unhappy.
As I look back, I am so grateful. This position was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I realized that I'd never be truly happy while I worked for other people, particularly ones that had such a skewed sense of success.
I got tired of following the idea that successful people are supposed to want promotions & more money, no matter what the cost.

Is This You?

Are you one of those people who grab willy-nilly at a chance of success: 
"Yes, success… I want that!
What do I need to do to get it?
How can I be like them?!"
Are you trying to get something and not considering why you want it? Are you letting only external factors to make it happen?
I know that success is a very personal thing. Your definition of it is very different from mine. Each of us defines success a little in our own way.
The tendency is to compare and compete with other people's versions of success: ‘Why am I not as successful as X? I must try harder!' It is easy to become disappointed when you perceive that X can do it much better than you.
But the thing is…They've found their definition and you haven't found yours!

Shazam! Change Happens

Once I realized that I needed to have my own definition of success, my life changed.
I was done trying to shoehorn what I wanted into what my current employer wanted. I let go of following my family's, my husband, other people's dreams of success. I got down to the business of defining my success. It was a liberating moment.
What success is comes from the inside-out. Blindly following what someone else says you should attain is like starving your soul of divine light.

Claim Your Own

Here are some steps to define your own success:

Create your own definition

Screw what everyone else says success is.
You're talking about you as a unique human on this planet. Stop trying to fit into someone else's shoes and ‘make do.' What does success look like, sound like and feel like for you? Maybe it's flying 1st class to business meetings! Maybe it's having a better balance of home and work life. But whatever it is, let it be yours alone.

Claim it for yourself

Be a pioneer. There's no one else out there like you. Be the leader in your life.
Follow your intuition and what Spirit is telling you. Step out of someone else's footprints. Intuition is always there; it never goes away. There is inner guidance for your higher self. Be prepared to listen to it.
Become the role model for others.

Define what you need

You won't find success fully developed as you turn a corner. You'll grow into it (trust me on this one!) You have to nurture it.
To develop success, you need self-awareness, vulnerability, openness, and a willingness to do things imperfectly. And, you need to stay true to yourself.
Decide what you need to make success flourish and make them happen.

Feel the fear; do it anyway

Being afraid is a natural reaction when you're leaving your comfort zone. Feel the fear and do whatever it takes anyway.
Confront your fear and laugh in its face. Decide not to be paralyzed by it. Life is way too short for that! Work through it and find your courage.
The best things I have ever achieved have scared the bejeezus out of me!
But, here's the thing about being scared:
You'll feel the most alive – it's exhilarating to go through fear!
You'll reach a new level of transformation.
You'll get some awesome results.

Get someone to support, challenge you

There are many coaches out there who just focus on being supportive. This is good. But, it doesn't let you stretch and become your best you.
You want someone who will do both: support and challenge you. Because, to claim your success, you need both!

Positive attitude is the important key to get success in life. Nobody with opposite attitude has ever tasted success in their lives. So never lose heart even if you are not able to get the desired results for sometimes because difficulties are always there to check one’s ability to tackle the problem in his way to reach to his goal. If the person stands hard with a positive approach then these problems vanish automatically.

To run away from the goal due to obstacles is not termed as positive. Life itself is a challenge and one must accept it, so why to worry the failure that comes in your way. Just as a dark cloud that has a silver lining hidden in that only you have to tackle the difficulties and the best way is to ignore them and keep on moving. You have to pave your path and follow with determination by being optimistic.

If we look at this situation psychologically even then the mind has the power to ignore the unwanted thoughts once you train it to focus on selected one so meditation helps you to find out a solution in adverse situations too. Having right approach in right direction can open the gateway to success. Here comes the question that how one can be positive all the time. By creating your natural thought process and making you think only good things happening to you as complexities in life come with our negative approach as it is accepted now that the flow of energy turns the things in reality.

That is why whatever you think your inner energy flows in that direction whether it is positive or negative and it is in your hand to create positive environment around you. Remember that it is highly infectious and will change others attitude also. Once you start thinking in a positive way, you will find that each and every move of yours is on the right track and you need not to look behind toward the problems and difficulties you faced.

The miracles are there where the circulation of energy is positive and it happens to those who wish to have, but the real meaning of miracle is not known to all. Actually it means when you achieve something beyond your expectations that seems to be a miracle otherwise there is nothing like miracle it is all about your potential and passion to attain the difficult task. So gear up and wear the spectacles of positive attitudeDescription: Computer Technology Articles, try with a new zeal and seek to have that.      

In today's focused world, training is a need. Under studies who have finished their school training more prone to have more open doors and better personal satisfaction. So Greg Prescot from Prescott papers once said “For the most part, managers like to contract work seekers who have higher educations”. All in all, it is much less demanding for a man who complete school instruction to discover a vocation, keep up an occupation, and get advanced while at work. School instruction is one of the best speculations of time and cash. That is the reason there are numerous pre require organizations offering instructive arrangements for guardians to arrange the eventual fate of their children before the need emerges. It is a pragmatic method for sparing cash for children. Backpedaling to the need of school training, individuals with professional educations are more self-restrained and helpful contrasted with the individuals who are most certainly not. Individuals who need instructive degrees have constrained open doors in life particularly regarding work. School graduates regularly have better advantages particularly as far as entering more elevated amount vocations with more noteworthy compensations. They are additionally the ones who get advancements, pay raises and frequently given open doors for expert development and improvement.

Actually, guardians who are school graduates will probably bring up youngsters who will likewise have professional educations. The more training the kid gets, the more decisions and openings he/she will have. An informed individual has more choices, which regularly prompt to more prominent achievement and satisfaction in life. Development and advancement will happen in numerous regions, including basic leadership, systematic mindfulness, thinking, imaginative expression and then some. Additionally, acquiring a higher education will enormously upgrade your attractiveness as an expert. It makes you more attractive to a much more noteworthy scope of lucrative vocation alternatives. By gaining a degree gives access to proficient systems administration openings that are blocked off to the individuals who don't have advanced educations. Moreover, school graduates are normally more happy with their professions than people with a secondary school recognition since they can discover higher paying vocations, land into positions with position progression openings, get enlisted by businesses that give liberal advantages and ready to work in fields and enterprises that intrigue them. It additionally prompts to occupation strength in light of the fact that the unemployment rate among school graduates is extensively lower contrasted with the unemployment rate among workers with just a secondary school recognition.
Therefore, acquiring an advanced education empowers individuals to settle on better decisions of their lives in having better openings for work as well as in propelling new business.
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